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Fuel Doc

Fleet Management
Dugas Oil
Fuel DOC

Dugas Oil's fuel management system, Fuel DOC, gives you total fuel accountability. All transactions are electronically approved, processed and consolidated into one complete statement. Fuel DOC saves you money by improving driver and paperwork efficiency.

  • Monitor vehicle and driver activity - date, time and location.
  • Limit spending to approved purchases - unleaded or super gas or diesel only.
  • Require odometer readings at the time of purchase. Sudden changes in "miles per gallon" may indicate misuse. Odometer readings also provide you the information needed to schedule routine maintenance.

No fleet is too large or too small for Fuel DOC. Fuel DOC cards can be used anywhere you see the Fuel DOC logo. It's FREE and it saves you money.

Dugas Oil Credit App Dugas Oil Credit App (24 KB)

Fuel DOC Customer Profile Fuel DOC Customer Profile (52 KB)

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